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1998 - current    Masters Gentry Architects, PA  -  Co-Founder / Vice President / Principal - Asheville, NC

Kevin is a co-founder/owner of MGA, located in Asheville, NC.  For the past 20 years, he has been a lead designer/project architect of hundreds of new facilities located throughout the state and the Southeastern USA, while also maintaining daily operations of the firm.  He has very broad design expertise, focusing on healthcare facilities, educational facilities, sports facilities, resort planning, and preservation projects.  He has accumulated experience working on designs ranging from small construction projects to budgets in excess of 20 million dollars.  His experience in the field of healthcare design has resulted in built projects in the majority of the nation's 50 states.  This expertise combined with his vast knowledge of technology-based design tools serves MGA well in its capacity to offer top-notch design services for a broad spectrum of project types and sizes.  

2016 - current    Carbide Group, Incorporated  -  Owner - Licensed General Contractor - Charlotte, NC

Decades of hands on experience with leading major projects through design and construction, has given Kevin a wide range of personal knowledge in the field of construction.  As such, Kevin founded Carbide Group, Incorporated, a construction firm located in Charlotte, NC.  Carbide Group performs General Contractor services for residential and commercial facilities while also specializing in the field of public utilities and infrastructure installations.  Kevin is a professionally licensed General Contractor as well as a licensed Public Utility contractor.  Carbide Group has clients such as AT&T and Google for projects such as fiber optic infrastructure installations.

2018 - current   Licensed Real Estate Broker  - North Carolina

Kevin is a licensed professional real estate broker in the State of North Carolina.  Acquiring this license concludes the trifecta which enabled Kevin to move from residential property developer to commercial property developer.  This trifecta is the "design, build it and sell (or manage) it" principle Kevin has strived for most of his professional career.  

2017 - current    Carolina Clogbusters, Inc.  -  Owner - Asheville, NC

In 2017, Kevin created a new company focused on providing new construction and repair services for storm water drainage systems.  This company was created by virtue of Kevin’s experience with public utility and infrastructure installations with Carbide Group, Inc.  Kevin recognized that the increase in the State of North Carolina’s storm water permitting and maintenance requirements has created a local and regional need to assist commercial facility owners in maintaining compliance of their storm water drainage systems.  Since much of the equipment utilized in providing infrastructure installations, is also necessary for storm water system installations, repair and maintenance, this proved to be an important way to decrease idle equipment times and increase production values.

1996 - 1998     ManorCare Health Services - Project Manager - Gaithersburg, Md.  

Kevin joined ManorCare in 1996, where he served as Project Manager / Architect for many of the facilities constructed around the nation for this major healthcare provider.  These facilities included Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Assisted Living, and Independent Living (Residential) Housing.  ManorCare is one of the leading healthcare providers in the nation.  Kevin’s responsibilities included managing multiple complex projects simultaneously, with each facility having both a national design team and also a team of consultants, local to each facility site. Kevin was responsible for project budgeting from post land acquisition through project close-out.  ManorCare was acquired by HCR in 1998, at which time all in-house design services were not retained.

1994 - 1996    Wilmot / Sanz - Project Architect - Gaithersburg, Md.

Kevin joined Wilmot Sanz as a Project Architect where he was responsible for the design, production, and construction administration of multi-family residential and healthcare projects located in DC, New Jersey, Washington state, and Virginia. Primary responsibilities included guiding healthcare projects from conceptualizations through all phases of design, construction documentation and project close-out.

1993 - 1994    Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM) - Architect - Washington, D.C.

Kevin joined Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM) in Washington, D.C.. where he helped produced federal projects for renovations to The Pentagon, and several prison systems.

1990-1993    Tunnell-Spangler Associates - Intern Architect - Atlanta, Ga.

Kevin worked with Tunnell-Spangler Associates as a summer intern but later joined the firm full time, post-graduation.  TSA's market focus was on Land Planning, Master Planning, and the architecture of sports facilities. Some of the projects and clients Kevin worked with included the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee - 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (3 venues) as well as projects throughout the world in places like Barbados, Hawaii and even close to home in Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club.

1986 - 1990    Various Firms  -  Intern

Kevin began working in architecture firms at the age of 16 after having won a local design competition titled "Design Your Dream Home" sponsored by the Asheville (NC) Board of Realtors.  Kevin worked during summer and winter breaks for Woodard & Roberts Architects (Asheville) and also Southeastern Architects (Asheville).
Kevin also had his first project complete construction at the age of 16 when he was commissioned to design a custom home by Garland Terry. 

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