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They say that most people are either left-brain or right-brain dominant and that very few people possess a genuine balance of the two neurological hemispheres of the mind.  This to say that people are either logical and technical (left brain) or emotional, expressive, and imaginative (right brain).  While many studies have been conducted to essentially dispel the theory of a dominant side of the brain, similar to being left-handed or right-handed, the notion still exists that there is some, unexplained truth to it all.  Since I was very young, I have always had an interest in technical things and logical thinking, while having some level of envy for those who were very skilled artists.  I found technical and logical things come naturally to me and pure artistic talent to be a bit elusive.

Regardless, I became interested in architecture as an early teenager.  After pursuing architectural studies, I came to learn that architecture consists of both art and science and thus, explained very much as to why I was attracted to the career field.  I also learned that submerging oneself into more artistic pursuits, allowed artistic talents to reveal themselves, though still not as easy as those with pure talent.  Even throughout architecture school, I found myself more and more attracted to computers and all things digital.  Even when people were still learning how to transition from typewriters to word processors in the late '80s, I was already inputting geometries and eventually floor plans in early versions of computer-aided drafting software, even before I entered architecture school in 1987.  

Kevin Gentry
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Architecture school, at the University of Tennessee, was both a grueling, yet wonderful experience for me.  I learned a lot about art, conceptualization, professional practice and also began pursuits and interest in database software, Photoshop, marketing and branding.  Many of these things I pursued outside of the architectural curriculum, and many I still pursue to this day, as they have been incredible tools throughout my career that have proven to help my projects immensely.  

I consider myself both lucky, and ambitious in my pursuits, because not only have the results been beneficial to me, but the general world of computers and technologies have dovetailed into my career interests every step of the way.

In 1995 I became a licensed architect, while practicing in Washington DC.  I have been lucky to have worked on well known projects such as the 1996 Olympics while living in Atlanta, renovation of The Pentagon while living in the DC/NoVa area and then into a long relationship with healthcare design.  Eventually, I returned to Asheville and co-founded Masters Gentry Architects, a successful architecture firm that has enjoyed twenty years of success with local and regional clients such as Mission Health, Buncombe County Schools, Asheville City Schools, Mountain Air Country Club and many others.   Our work has been featured on HGTV, various publications like Architectural Record, Robb Report and Carolina Home and Garden magazine.

Over a decade ago, I began to expand my visions and future goals for the personal development of my career.  In self-reflection, I asked; where were my interests, and how did my skills lend themselves to those interests?  Ultimately, I decided that all of these things were leading me into the field of property development.  A career, where I could not only apply existing skills but also handle the many facets of design, construction and marketing.

In 2015, I took the next steps toward that vision by becoming a licensed professional General Contractor.  With over 25 years, as a project architect leading small and large projects through design, and staying on board through the completion of construction of hundreds of facilities, this pursuit came naturally to me.  Upon learning more about the GC side of the field, I also decided to pursue a license in Public Utilities.  This additional license, as it turns out, is a critical component to property development, specifically regarding site work and infrastructure installations.  I have been lucky enough to quickly pick up clients like AT&T, through my construction company, Carbide Group, Incorporated.

Completion of all of these things has led me to the final piece of the puzzle: Real Estate.  In 2018 I became a licensed professional real estate broker.  Now that I have achieved the trifecta of "design it, build it, market/sell it" I can also step further into property development toward commercial properties in addition to already having completed projects in residential property development.

But all of the above is about my professional career, and not so much about me personally, so here are a few tidbits about me:  I am a native of Asheville, but lived in major metropolitan areas throughout my early career, eventually moving back to Asheville.  Twelve years ago, I married a wonderful woman, my wife Rhonda, who hails from Texas and is an avid University of Oklahoma fanatic and professional pharmacist.  We were married in Italy, and love to travel.  We have two, furry, four-legged children, a black labrador retriever named Yogi (2005-2020), and a golden retriever named Daisy Mae (2005-).  Rhonda and I both love sports (mostly collegiate football).  I enjoy learning new things, reading, artistic endeavors, sports cars, and I also love playing card games, specifically Texas Hold Em Poker, and have been lucky enough to play in some WSOP circuit tournaments.

I love to accomplish goals, but I also like to laugh and have fun.   Even the most feeble attempts at comedy on any given day are better than the alternative.

kevn and rhonda
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