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Welcome to my website.  This website has been created for the sole purpose of introducing myself to other professionals and the community at large,  I often have involvement in so many projects that I get asked the question: "What is it that you do?"  I endeavor, through the content of this website, to answer that question, at least to some extent.

Many who know me will perhaps, know me better as a professional architect, but as you will see,  I have many interests and several professional occupations and areas of expertise.  My professional career began as a licensed professional architect but had expanded over time to include: Commercial and Residential General Contractor, Public Utility Contractor, Residential Property Developer, and Real Estate Broker.  I maintain a current status with all of these areas of expertise as they all tie together under Commerical Property Developer.  


I have, throughout my life, also pursued a very large variety of interests either through curiosity, personal advancement, or hobby.  It is through no shortage of personal ambition that I have pursued what is seemingly a patchwork of professional career paths in my life. In reality, those swatches of knowledge and professional licenses are all intentional and part of a grander scheme and vision of having the ability to design, build, and market private facilities either as the owner of for other property owners.

I also have a very long-running interest with graphic arts, audio/visual arts, computer/digital technologies such as coding, scriptwriting...the list goes on.  I am truly a student of life with no desire to stop learning any time soon.

As part of this pursuit, it is also my desire to network with as many professionals as possible who either share my interests, my goals, or perhaps seek my expertise in one or more of my fields of expertise.


Please feel free to browse this website to discover more about me, and let me know if you would like to speak with me further. 

Thank you,



...above all, he has proven that his integrity is of the utmost importance to his profession and his community presence.  In short, Kevin is a superb example of a professional.  I highly recommend him to you for any endeavor he might wish to undertake.  - Chris H. - Owner, Hendersons Flooring


Throughout the course of all of the projects, he was a consummate professional, extremely detail-oriented with a remarkable system of checks and balances.  Mr. Gentry is a person of very high integrity and honesty.  I would use him on any of my future projects without hesitation. Edward H.  - Owner, Steel Creek Inc.

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